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I had severe subgroup fungus that I've had for many years on my fingers, nothing has worked! I leave! This year I decided to me a deep Tan but not Tan. not my feet, it seemed stupid! So I started to Tan my Glade had fallen on my feet within a few weak nails ND. It's back to normal, looking for healthy nails, was thrilled! Because I saw the worst case of fungi hav nowhere dense, Brown, divided, had her nails are yellow. I thought I'd share this information, Sunlite killed my fungus. Suffer from some time ago I had 4 Mycosis of nails nails-large claw (infected 12 + years), and the second smallest (15 + years infected), middle finger (to 3 years infected) and baby feet (less than a year). According to big and small were very thick-like almost 1/4 ' thick and yellow/crunchy. Really bad. After some research, I found the remedy, the logical me: 1-2 drops of white vinegar at the foot of each nail twice a Diaaqui is the reasoning for this solution: 1. Excess moisture is that this fungus develops the power to soak longer nails doesn't help, deteriorates. Contact no excess moisture on the nail bed 2 drops twice a day. 2 cloves fresh and healthy cells grow from the base. Be carried out if the material enters behind these new cells. Infected in his clip, as it grows. 3 fabric Vinagre Seguro, damaged somehow the body. Cheap. It will not, of course, non-fat stains. 4 mushrooms cannot grow faster, new nails. Have patience!Two of my small nails were completely eliminated, because this process described above. My nails very often two have been infected for more than a decade, they were gradually diluted. The great nail begins to get thinner and thinner until it just completely deducted for a day, 1/4 chunks. The base of the nail is clear and pink. Because your nails grow very slowly, I would say that this summer, one of the big toe is completely clear and healthy. The second is fatter, but the base is clear and pink. The nail is infected with more than 15 years, so I think the only time the growing, completely clear. Anyway, thought about that share. I'm very happy with the results and the ease of this treatment. Apply two drops of AM and PM, when i brush my teeth. This treatment is good fungi caused stain & thickness. I had this fungus nail tip for more than 25 years, I have it since I was a kid. I thought that you should try to fix it before my wedding. I lied a lot of ingredients I had around the House, I am something like a junkie homeopathic medicine. 1 sanding the nail as thin as possible and cut the nails shorter possible2. find an empty and fill it with nail polish Remover to clean enamel all sticks. Make sure the brush is paint. Rinse with SOAP and water, once the Polish RemovedIngredients residues is required: Vinegarblack organic Apple Cider Oiltea tree nuts nuts oillisterine35% food grade steam rub3 olive Oilvicks oxygen. Take equal parts of vinegar, black walnut oil from the city, wartrol shy to buy tea tree oil, LISTERINE and olive oil in Bowl with nail polish. 4. Place the 4-5 drops of edible hydrogen peroxide in tooth enamel. (pay attention, not overthrow of highly corrosive substances) 5, make sure you shake the nail lacquer box and applied twice daily to the nails and the morning, night6. After applying the solution, Nail Polish container, generously apply Vicks vapor rub nail can optionally use of hydrogen peroxide at pharmacies bought, just don't forget, just to put these pieces, as is the case with all other ingredients. I have significantly better application this solution for over a month and my nail fungus, I see new growth not only influenced, but the old nail seems almost untouched by fungi. VICS VapoRub is key. Listen: first, I have nail fungus, while he was at the age of 17. He was young and very shy. And a woman who was extremely embarrassed that my feet show. Life he grew worse. At the moment where I hit 26, had to do something. I was just a nail! Finally, I went to the doctor. I was rather with lamisil addressed. I took religiously and in 9 months of the fungus started again. I went back to my doctor and medicine at the same time represcribed insists that I take liver function tests monthly because the lamisil was high-risk. I did and finally disappeared. Over the next 2 years that healthy nails but mia 3 months ago started to grow an ingrown toe nail fungus! Let the nails grow, and smart-growth series, but you know what? The fungus was certainly back! After it confirmed that it was back-in fact I went back to my doc, begging for drugs. And now both the liver that the hospital not to you but to say doctor after all the warnings prescribed prescription nails in another place for me. He said he has seen too many patients to drugs such as Earth 60% over the telephone with liver transplantation with drugs and the relapse rate of the fungus for those! He also said that he began to study the remedies. So you're reading more victims and WD-40 and my eyes rolled, but tried to keep an open mind. The day I went to my appointment at the photo of my recipe. The pharmacist said, taking into account, that the warnings, if that doesn't work, even to me. I paid $ 40 for ridiculous enamel and asked, what is your proposal? He told me that most people ride, but this time I got I. Is nail fungus under the nail and living breathing something, if you connect victims on top of the affected foot, turn off the fungus and died. It was for me, I suggest you make sacrifices before you spend a penny and is much more friendly, that this drug. Well, I tried just went a week and approximately 1/3 of white. Improves day by day. And the smell bothers me a bit. I still prefer natural things, and I bet it works completely. So far, it works better than any medication and not provide any side effects. At best, if luck!. I saw that WD40 here today tomorrow (June 14, 2011) recommended that I had a box; It was sprayed on infected nail (to take a bit). the mushroom is almost completely gone. The infection was white and probably not too deep, but I had no Diddlysquat for months and tea tree oil. Hi Catherine, I have 28 years. Mother of two children. Run the fight against fungi previously seen a year and never with countermeasures, product or at home. I'm looking for the use of tea tree oil Vicks vapor rub, laser treatment, Wartrol, but they are not all on my toe nail fungus left. Until my friend suggested using the new treatment for nail fungus/nail FUNGUSIL. Critically, I read and I have heard of this product, I tried my friend tried with good front and effectively in this regard. And in 1-2 weeks my nails started to disable you above and their stronger than my nails have begun to check in good health! Thanks FUNGUSIL I reuse my favorite sandals and slippers! I had a problem with the foot of a fungus in January. Not that I could use sandals, makeup because I'm so aware, how horrible, that it looks like my fingers. My cousin I advised OxyFend cream, called zero northward. 2-3 days and my mushrooms. The cream is very good. This nail fungus treatment has really helped my infection, Oxyfend, cream. .